Lutron Caseta Wireless Dimmer PRO Kit w/Smart Bridge (P-BDGPRO-PKG1W)
Lutron Caseta Wireless Dimmer PRO Kit w/Smart Bridge (P-BDGPRO-PKG1W)
Lutron Caseta Wireless Dimmer PRO Kit w/Smart Bridge (P-BDGPRO-PKG1W)
Lutron Caseta Wireless Dimmer PRO Kit w/Smart Bridge (P-BDGPRO-PKG1W)
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Lutron Caseta Wireless Dimmer PRO Kit w/Smart Bridge (P-BDGPRO-PKG1W)


    Caséta by Lutron Starter PRO Kit with Smart Bridge PRO, In-wall Dimmer (1), Claro Wallplate (1), Pico Remote (1); 150 W CFL & LED, 600 W Inc/Hal, 120V

    Model: P-BDGPRO-PKG1W


    In-wall Dimmer: PD-6WCL   (Spec Sheet / Install Guide)

    Pico Remote: PJ2-3BRL   (Spec Sheet / Install Guide)

    Smart Bridge PRO: L-BDGPRO2   (Spec Sheet / Install Guide)

    Power Supply: T-5DC-USB -  Wallplate: CW-1

      Control from Anywhere

      • Turn lights on from your car

      • Adjust temperature from your office

      • Turn off lights and close shades from your bed

      • Schedule lights, shades, and temperature to automatically adjust at set times of day Set up is easy

      • Ideal for existing or new homes

      • No new wiring required

      • Set custom lighting control features, like scenes and schedules

      • Set up the Smart Bridge in 3 easy steps— no extensive networking experience needed

      • You don’t need to worry about Wi-Fi strength

      • You don’t need to set up individual devices with Wi-Fi credentials

      • You don’t need to come back if the network settings/passwords change or the homeowner changes his router

       Caséta® Wireless works with energy efficient, dimmable light bulbs!

      • UL Listed to dim over 500 different LED and CFL light bulbs. The list of compatible bulbs is available at

      Lutron In-wall dimmer: PD-6WCL

      • Doesn’t require a neutral wire—ideal for retrofit or new construction

      • No polarity for line or load wiring—mistake-proof wiring

      • Works with compatible dimmable LEDs and CFLs (up to 150W), and incandescent and halogen bulbs (up to 600W)

      • Works with approved dimmable LEDs and CFLs (up to 250W), and incandescent and halogen bulbs (up to 1000W)

      • Also works with MLV lighting (up to 1000VA)

      • Compatible with Lutron drivers and interfaces

      • Neutral wire optional (required for MLV and drivers/interfaces)

      • Use Pico remotes or existing toggle switches in multi-location applications

      Lutron Pico remote control: PJ2-3BRL

      • Provides convenient remote control

      • Add a light switch without having to wire anything

      • Battery powered—features a 10-year battery life

      • Use as a hand-held remote, clipped to a car visor, mounted to a tabletop pedestal, or mounted to a wall

      • Works with Caséta® Wireless dimmers, switches, and wireless shades 4-button Pico remote control PRO Choose from three options

      • Dimming control—same functionality (full on/off and raise/lower) as standard Pico, but in a 4-button aesthetic

      • 2-group switch control—control two groups of lights independently from one another

      • 3-scene control—create three different scenes, as well as turn all lights off Note: light/shade and shade-only 4-button remotes also available.

      Lutron PRO Smart Bridge: L-BDGPRO2

      The Smart Bridge and Smart Bridge PRO allow for setup, control, and monitoring of Caséta Wireless devices and Lutron wireless shades from a smartphone or tablet using the Lutron App.

       Lutron Apple® HomeKit technology provides an easy way to control your lights and shades via Siri®, from your iPhone®, iPad®, or iPod touch®. Apple, Siri, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

      • Works with the Apple Watch™ for control right from your wrist

      • Use the geofencing feature to automatically turn lights on as you arrive home/turn them off as you leave

      • Receive notifications on your smart device if you’ve left the lights on when you leave home

      • Use the Widget feature to set a scene without unlocking your phone

      • Tell Siri® to turn your lights off and close your shades just before bed, or dim the lights for movie time Lutron App for smart devices

      • Works in conjunction with the Smart Bridge and Smart Bridge PRO

      • Control individual lights, shades, and thermostats—even when you’re away from home

      • Add scenes to control multiple lights and shades with a single touch

      • Schedule scenes to adjust lights and shades automatically

      • Download for free from the App StoreSM or Google Play™



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